Recession shopping for him and her

Recession shopping for him and her

Recession shopping
It’s all on sale

Low consumer expenditure means top brands are offering stock at record prices – now is the time to take advantage of longer sale seasons and record discounts. And buy high street rather than designer; J Crew-loving Michelle Obama is the recessionista’s style icon.

Invest in the classics
But rather than spending on trendy clothes that will be out of fashion in months, buy staple pieces instead. Think black trousers or skirts, white shirts, navy blazers, all of which can be combined into endless different looks. Remember, a good wardrobe must be at least 60 per classic pieces. And lock in on quality that will last.

Quiet bling
If you’ve got it, this is the one time you don’t flaunt it. Dig deep into those bank lockers to pull out your grandmother’s heirlooms, but remember, less is more. We Indians love our bling, but outshining your hostess – or worse, a bride at her wedding – is always a no-no. And in these straitened times, it’s more likely as not that your hostess will be dressing down. Instead, take a cue from Gayatri Devi’s style book and pull out a classic pearl choker.

Fake it
But if you must buy something new, don’t be afraid to pretend. Across India, from Kolkata to Kochi, according to the investment website Commodity Online, near-record gold prices have driven consumers to imitation jewellery priced around Rs 300. Whether in terms of metal or semi-precious stones and American diamonds, these allow you to stay trendy without breaking the bank.

High and low
The increasing focus on individuality of the last few years has seen a blurring of the line between designer garments and mass-market kitsch, but there’s no better time than the present to use that classic Prada bag to lift your Commercial Street chic – and be proud of it!

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