Aus wins leave a trail of losses!

Aus wins leave a trail of losses!

The Australian cricket team is celebrating its Test demolition of India but the country’s Board and broadcasters of the lopsided series have been left to count their losses running into millions of dollars in advertising revenue and gate-takings.

Australia have won all three matches of the four-Test series in less than five days with the Perth game finishing in two and a half days only. The performance is being lauded by fans and media alike but it has also caused losses to broadcasters, Channel Nine, and Cricket Australia.

A total of 52 hours or more than six days of cricket have been lost this season as not one of the five Tests against New Zealand or India approached the fifth day.

“It becomes challenging to support our advertisers’ needs. We have to make it up to them. In an average summer, you can lose three days play. Losing six days means it’s eating into what advertisers expect us to deliver,” Channel Nine head David Gyngell told The Daily Telegraph.

“Don’t get me wrong — we’re not whingeing. The cricket has been fantastic. The Australians have played great — I just wish they’d win over four and a half days instead of three.”
Cricket Australia, on the other hand, has lost six days of ticket sales which amounts to 4.5 million dollars. But CA is not complaining given the team’s good performance.

“There is no doubt that winning games emphatically and early in the way we have creates far more public passion that losing matches the way we did last summer,” CA spokesman Peter Young said.