Final call on radiation by Centre

Final call on radiation by Centre

After receiving complaints regarding the health hazards caused by radiation emitted from mobile phones and towers, Delhi Health Minister A K Walia, on Wednesday, held a meeting with Delhi health officials, also attended by officials from the World Health Organisation.

According to Walia, the matter was discussed in detail. There was no conclusive evidence that emerged about the level of harm caused by radiation emitted from mobile phones, so it was decided that the final decision will only be taken by the Union Health Ministry.

The minister, however, advised the public to follow the guidelines issued by Ministry of Communication and IT. “We will hold a meeting with the Communications and Information Technology and the Health Ministry in a week’s time and decide upon the course of action to be taken,” Walia said.

 The minister said that they had received complaints regarding the harmful effect of mobile phones and tower radiation, so a review meeting was held.

“It is advised that one should avoid talking for a long time on mobile phones, specially pregnant women, children and adolescents.

“Also, people who have active medical implants should  keep the cell phone at least 15 cm away from the implant. We do not know the harm it causes but we can limit its use to be on the safer side,” said Walia.