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The woman in the mirror

No matter what magazines tell you about how nowadays people in their 40s feel they are in their 30s, one look at that polished surface, and you feel like screaming, “Tell that to the marines!”  At any rate, I have made peace with all my wrinkles and have decided to wear them like medals on a war veteran’s uniform.

What I wasn’t able to come to terms with were the tiny little warts on my face. This was less of a cosmetic problem and more of a practical one. Every time I looked down to read there were these nasty little things blocking my line of vision and I realised that I had to get them off. For one who has never had a facial (and now you might say, “No wonder she has warts!”), fixing an appointment with a Leading Skin Clinic was proving to be pretty cathartic.

When I landed up at the Leading Skin Clinic, I thought I had strayed into the lobby of a hotel what with all the piped music. I looked around to find other women like me, making that last ditch effort at youth. The pretty man at the counter had managed to sell them a hamper of products. I was led into a little cubicle where a doctor joined me. She offered me a cotton swab to wipe my face and followed it up with a mirror. One look at my reflection and I went into deep depression. Every pore and every pimple was magnified 10 times! The doc knew she had me hooked and then proceeded to count the warts.

One, two, three…..thirty-six! Apparently, I had sprouted 30 on my way from home to the clinic. A few minutes later a young girl came in and said that removing my 36 warts would cost me Rs 15,000. I screamed, “Wart?!” She quickly offered me a discount and said they would settle for Rs 12,000! Since I wasn’t considering being a model I decided I would visit a good dermatologist (without piped music) and have the warts removed.

The following week, a doctor did the job for Rs 1,200. At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, I must say that reading is now more enjoyable and the bonus is that the husband asked me, “How come your skin is glowing?”

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