Tips to go green

Tips to go green


It’s all about ‘going green’ these days. Whether wanting to use fewer resources to save money, help the environment, or both, many people are trying to live a ‘greener’ lifestyle.

The following tips offer a few ideas on how to reduce negative impact on the environment:
1. Replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.

2. Landscape using drought-tolerant plants which require very little watering. There are many beautiful drought-tolerant plants available, from flowers to trees to exotic-looking cacti and succulents.

3. Walk or bike more often. On fair-weather days, why not enjoy a brisk walk to your destination instead of driving? In addition to reducing your use of fossil fuels, this is a great way to get more exercise and enjoy the fresh air.

4. Recycle is the new mantra. Many materials like paper, cardboard, cans, plastics, and glass can be recycled into new products.

5. Reduce the resources you consume. Bringing a reusable canvas bag to the grocery store instead of using disposable grocery sacks can reduce the waste of energy and natural resources. Using a reusable cloth is better for the environment, even though it requires some water to wash it. Of course, moderation is the key. If you need to clean up a very disgusting mess, you might choose to use paper towels, but it’s helpful to be aware of your use and choose reusable cloths whenever possible.

6. Compost vegetable scraps and grass clippings. Composting will help the environment as well as give you rich, organic matter to add to your garden.