Muller expo showcases nurses' talents

Muller expo showcases nurses' talents

Mangalore City Corporation Commissioner Dr Harish Kumar expressed concern over the private hospitals refusing to admit emergency cases without paying the advance amount.

Referring to an incident wherein a private hospital refused to admit a Youth Festival participant who was in need of emergency treatment recently, the Commissioner asked the hospitals to treat the patients on humanitarian background. He was speaking after inaugurating Muller Health Expo-2012, organised by Father Muller College of Nursing at FMCI campus on Thursday.

Stressing on the need for service oriented approach in the health sector, the Commissioner asked the nursing students and professional nurses to serve selflessly. “At some point, I feel that education is making man more selfish. Let the nurses who play a major role in the health sector develop service-oriented mind and treat the needy,” he said.

Delivering the presidential address, FMCI Director Fr Patrick Rodrigus said that the basic idea of organising the expo was to bring awareness among the adolescents and youth about the significance of health. Of late, with the children too being diagnosed with diabetes and other such severe ailments, it is important to make them aware of the cause and prevention of such diseases. Unlike earlier, when the nurses’ duty was limited to aid the patient, today the nurses too have the responsibility of bringing awareness about the health ailments and make the people take precautionary steps to prevent the diseases, he said.

The one-day expo had 33 stalls developed by the nursing students of Father Muller Charitable Institutions(FMCI)  and other colleges displaying the models of different varieties.

Models including the cause and prevention of cancer, mosquito borne diseases, life-style diseases, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plant etc were on display.