CBSE wants 'radiation-free' environment in its schools

CBSE wants 'radiation-free' environment in its schools

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), in a thoughtful and novel initiative, has directed all its affiliated schools across the country to “start an awareness programme for Radiation Free Schools”.

“Like the earlier ‘plastic free schools’ campaign which should also be continued, schools should kick-start a similar exercise to ensure radiation-free campuses, with special reference to the use of cell phones by children,” the CBSE has said.

The communication, as in the CBSE Chairman Vineet Joshi’s recent circular to the heads of all CBSE-affiliated schools including those in Chennai, suggests that what it wants is a generic campaign against the ill-effects of radiation, focused on indirectly curbing excess use of mobile phones among older children.

Outlining several initiatives for promoting ‘environment friendly activities for school children,’ at the primary level, secondary level and so on depending on their age, Joshi has specifically advocated ‘radiation free awareness campaign’ for the higher classes in CBSE schools.

“Senior class students could be sensitised to take up a range of activities beyond the four walls of their schools to the community, locality and to the city in which they may be placed,” says Joshi.

This would include energy conservation by stopping electricity wastage, water conservation, besides creating awareness among the people on use of chemicals in households.
The CBSE chief also advises that schools affiliated to it (CBSE) should subscribe to magazines on environment issues so that students are better informed.