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Trucker travels

Days of endless driving, mind-boggling traffic, dangerous roads and difficult deadlines; driving a truck is certainly not an easy job.

Follow truck expert, Robb Mariani, as he hitches a ride to tell us all about this highly demanding profession. It’s sheer fascination as he unveils some of the most iconic trucks, uncovers the famous routes travelled, and tells us all about the cargo missions that made history.

This show will showcase big rigs and the people who drive them. Listen to truckers’ first-hand experiences about their intriguing job and lifestyle as they navigate dangerous routes and face multiple roadblocks en route to their final destination. Catch up on the latest on American Trucker on Wednesday, January 25, at 9 pm.

Curtain raiser
Ever wondered how the things we need and enjoy in life are created? Get an inside view of some of the most innovative and inventive factories  and watch the magic of mechanised perfection unfold. Surprise yourself with interesting facts on objects you’ve most probably taken for granted all this while. Tune in to How It’s Made on Discovery Science tonight, at 9.30 pm, to unravel some interesting titbits on what might otherwise be the most ordinary of things.

Guinness cooking
Foodie and cookbook author Bob Blumer returns in Season Five of Glutton for Punishment. This time, Bob tries to break or establish six Guinness world records.
His attempts vary from trying to surpass a 30-year-old’s record in peeling 50 pounds of onions to making the world’s largest bowl of salsa! Can Bob beat all the odds and achieve world class glory?

Watch and find out for yourself in this latest season of Glutton for Punishment, premiering tomorrow at TLC, at 7 pm.