Amy Chua believes in kids' capability

Amy Chua believes in kids' capability

Amy Chua, a Professor of Law at Yale Law School and famous for her parenting memoir, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”  in conversation with Madhu Trehan in the session  ‘Tiger  Mother’ says  tiger parenting is all about teaching children that they are capable of doing a lot more than they can.

However, about the children’s choices she says it is extremely important where you are situated . “If I were in China, my message would be relax, be creative, explore. In a society that celebrates independence, creativity, self expression, tiger parenting was  about creating balance.”

Western parents,  Chua argued, are excessively worried about upsetting their children, but “if you do something wrong, you should feel bad.”

Chua admits that it was a mistake to choose violin and piano for her kids. “This is the  opposite of a parenting guide. You have to pay attention to your children’s personalities. I wish I hadn’t raised my voice as much, yelled so much. Western society is about giving  six-year-olds too many choices.”

Nearly 80 per cent in the audience raise their hands when Tehran asked how many people were  slapped around by their parents. “One drawback of Asian parents is that they do not raise children who question and think outside the box. The book actually celebrates rebellion,” she added. She also reveals at the end of the discussion that her strict father who was her idol was a rebel, the black sheep of the family.

The Chinese-American author said she was fine with her daughters to spending time with their friends, but sleepovers were out of the question “especially co-ed sleepovers in their teens.” She added when they are adult they can choose whatever they want to do it or not.
Later, talking to Deccan Herald the ‘tiger mom’ said had she been given a choice between success and  happiness she would choose the later.