Sri Lankan party accuses India of being 'cunning protector' of Lanka Tamils

Sri Lankan party accuses India of being 'cunning protector' of Lanka Tamils

 Sri Lanka's Marxist JVP party today charged India with playing the role of a ''cunning protector'' of minority Tamils here and exploiting opportunities in this country's war-ravaged areas for its own advantage by undertaking various developmental projects.

"Tamils must understand the role of the cunning protector played by India," Tilwin Silva, JVP's General Secretary, told reporters here.

Referring to many projects undertaken by India in Sri Lanka's current post-conflict phase, Silva accused New Delhi of exploiting the opportunities in Sri Lanka for its own advantage.
India has been funding projects for rehabilitation, resettlement and well-being of the war displaced. It also provides livelihood generation assistance in addition to infrastructure development in both the northeast and the south of the island.

The JVP was harsh on the Sampur coal power project undertaken by India jointly with Sri Lanka.

"They have plundered Sampur land and sent people into displaced camps. The Indians come and plunder our fishing resources," Silva charged.

Fishermen of both countries often face accusations of straying into international waters and poaching.

Silva also accused Indians of employing their own labour in projects undertaken in the north and east. "They are denying the employment opportunities available to Tamils."