Plea for beautiful Hassan

Plea for beautiful Hassan

More funds for construction of toilets sought in next budget

While Hassan CMC has been inviting veterans and holding meetings for the forthcoming budget, the general opinion among the people here is that most of the projects announced in the budget do not see the light of the day.

More than 50 per cent of the projects budget announced every year is not achieved, admit the members themselves. If the projects announced in budgets were implemented, Hassan would have become a model city long ago. But, the CMC has failed to provide even basic amenities to one lakh residents of the city.

The veterans’ meet held recently is only a formality. Their suggestions are not even considered, complain some persons who attended the meeting. It has to be recalled that the meet turned out to be a grievances meet and was highlighted in newspapers.

When Deccan Herald conducted a survey about the expectations of citizens from the CMC, most of them wanted cleanliness and hygiene in the city, drinking water and good roads.


Industrialist Ravi Kumar said Hassan is a tourist place and importance should be given for beautification of the city. The number of vehicles is rising in the city and there are no sufficient parking facilities. Many electric poles are in the centre of roads.

Lack of proper footpaths and UGD stare at the tourists. Hence more funds should be earmarked for beautifying the city, he said.

An underpass should be laid at N R Circle as people find it difficult to cross the road during peak hours. The proposal to set up a truck terminal, which is pending, should be expedited, Ravi Kumar added.


Writer Bhanu Mushtaq said the CMC should concentrate on Old Hassan, where roads — including highways — are in a pathetic condition. Encroachment of government property has become common, so steps should be taken to clear them, she said.

There is no parking space for tempos and private vehicles. So they are parked near AVK college and behind Vani Vilas School, inconveniencing people, she pointed out.


K T Jayashree, district president of Women’s Study Centre, said basic amenities have not improved though the population has manifolded. So funds should be earmarked for construction of toilets, especially for women. Dustbins should be placed at residential areas, she added.

The citizens also sought plying of more buses to various residential areas as hundreds of people are seen waiting for KSRTC buses to reach their destination.