Chhattisgarh serial killer admits to seven killings

Chhattisgarh serial killer admits to seven killings

A 35-year-old serial killer who was arrested late last week in Raipur, has admitted to killing seven persons, including his wife and father, a police officer said Monday.

Most of the victims were buried alive and police have recovered five skeletons so far.
"It is shocking that Arun Chandrakar, a pig farmer, murdered five of his close relatives -- his wife and father, and two of his house owners," Raipur's Additional Superintendent of Police Lal Umed Singh told reporters.

He said that Arun, who Sunday admitted to killing four persons, has now revealed murdering three more and police have dug out one more skelton in Raipur Monday.
"We have dug out five bodies so far, including his 30-year-old wife Leela. He had a love marriage with her in 2008," the officer said. He added that the motive behind the killings was not known and police were ascertaining whether Chandrakar was involved in any black magic practices.

Arun, who is in police custody till Jan 27, had told police during the investigation that he had thrown his father Shatrughan Chandrakar in front of a speeding train in April 2007 in Amanaka area of Raipur.

He had also buried alive the owner of his rented house, Bahadur Singh Thakur, in Jan 2005 in Raipur. In March 2005, he killed with a sharp-edged weapon an elderly lady in whose house he was living as a tenant, the police officer said.

Arun from Gunderdehi town in Durg district has a record of burglaries and minor crimes. He has been jailed over two dozen times. Police say they suspect he is involved in more killings.

"We are showing him photographs of several missing persons from Raipur and are asking him whether he has been involved in these cases," Singh said.