Use these cabs, say goodbye to autos

Use these cabs, say goodbye to autos


In a step to keep a check on autorickshaw drivers, who are infamous for harassing and overcharging commuters, the Delhi government has come up with a proposal for introducing small private cabs which will run on CNG across Delhi.

BUDGET TRAVEL A commuter tries to bargain for an auto ride. The fares have been kept around Rs 8 per km, while the fare for a three-wheeled scooter rickshaw (TSR) is Rs 19, with the rest of the distance being calculated at Rs 6.50 per km. The green economy cab will start at Rs 10 per km.

On the other hand, this decision has not gone well with the cabbies and auto drivers. “First the government should manage the traffic then bring in more cabs. They cannot handle the present traffic and this decision will only add on to it,” said Ram Sharma, a cab owner. Same was the case with another auto driver.

“There are so many vehicles on roads, first manage them and then get other vehicles. The government should plan accordingly and take decisions. It will harm our business.We are already facing so many problems,” said Shyam Singhwal.

With additional features like extra seating, the cabs will be four-seaters, along with seat belts, a steering wheel, protection from the weather, lockable doors and with an extra provision of a mobile charger that is expected to make coughing up Rs 8 per km more palatable to the commuter, according to officials.

But, it’s the commuters who are happy about the decision as they would not have to handle the stubborn auto drivers in case the proposal is passed. “It’s a very good proposal and the government should definitely introduce these cabs on Delhi roads. It will be so convenient for us as now it has become a daily routine to fight with these auto drivers. We will surely be happy if we get these cabs on roads,” said V K Jain, a custom officer.

J Prasad, another autorickshaw commuter said, “It is definitely a good decision but the government will have to think about the already crawling traffic on roads. I think if they get cabs then they should remove some autos from the roads for more space.”

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