Drive against Filariasis begins

Drive against Filariasis begins

Mass drug administration programme for prevention and control of Filariasis was symbolically inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner N S Channappa Gowda by consuming the DEC (diethylcarbamazine citrate) and Albendazole tablets at Government Wenlock Hospital on Monday.

“Every person should consume the anti-filaria medicine. With this one can prevent  spreading of this disease. One cannot be safe from filariasis by taking medication. Hence, mass administration of the drug is necessary,” stressed the DC.

The nursing staff at Wenlock, distributed tablets to the people present in the hospital.

As many as 14,45,946 people will receive anti-filaria tablets in Mangalore, Puttur and Bantwal taluks. The tablets will be distributed under the supervision of the nodal officers.

Each tablet distributor will cover 50 houses in three days. As many as 6,450 health workers, including nursing students, will participate in the campaign.


The dosage of DEC (diethylcarbamazine citrate) tablets depends on the age of the person. One DEC tablet and one Albendazole should be given to children in between ages 2 to 5.

Two DEC and one Albendazole for children between 6 and 14 years and three DEC and one Albendazole for persons above 15 years.

The tablets should be consumed after food with lot of water.The drug does not have any serious side effects and can be consumed by everyone except for children below two, pregnant women and people with serious medical problems.


The symptoms of Filariasis includes swelling of limbs, breasts or genitals (male), which if untreated, could become permanent.

In case a person has Filariasis in the body, then they are likely to have fever, head ache and vomiting after the consuming the tablets. Treatment will be provided at Primary Health Centres.

In Udupi

District Commissioner Dr M T Reju called upon the public to join hands in the efforts taken up by the government in the direction to eradicate the threat of lymphatic filariasis.

Speaking at the National Filaria Day celebrations organized by the District Administration in association with District Health Department, he said the filaria virus similar to that of polio virus is a threat to mankind.

The only way to eliminate the virus is the strong determination from the people to follow the precautionary measures adopted in the direction. There is a need to eradicate the virus entirely and for this people should take the tablets in the prescribed amount, he said and added there is a need for extensive awareness programme for the masses.

The target for the current year is to distribute diethylcarbamazine (DEC) and albandazol tablets for the consumption of as many as 11,31,451 eligible population in the district.

The three day programme intends to cover almost all areas with the service from 4,600 volunteers.

The district has 980 lymphatic filariasis affected persons.

Mass drug administration (MDA) is done in as many as 69 Primary Health Centres and CHCs, three town municipalities and one city municipality in the district.

Earlier the programme was inaugurated by ZP President Katpadi Shankar Poojary.