Singapore woman spends two-and-a-half years on toilet seat

Singapore woman spends two-and-a-half years on toilet seat

A Chinese woman in Singapore has claimed to have spent two-and-a-half years on the toilet seat of her house, feeling some strong force holding her down all the while.

Mee Yan Leong, 58, sat down on the bowl in her bathroom March 25, 2009 and for the next 902 days, that is where she decided to eat and sleep, the Daily Mail reported.

She always "felt a force holding me down" but did not understand why she felt compelled to stay in the tiled bathroom. Remaining completely naked throughout the ordeal, Mee only showered 18 times, said her husband Kian Ann Ong.

Those were the only times she left the toilet bowl, said Kian, adding that his wife would imagine if she left, people would throw stones at her or spray her with water. He said whenever he tried to remove his wife from the bathroom, she would refuse, saying that something was holding her back.

Kian said he was the only person who could have contact with his wife as she didn't even talk to their 27-year-old son. The husband eventually approached the emergency services who took her to hospital near their home in Singapore.

"They had to come into my flat, hold her down, then wrap her in a towel before using a wheelchair to take her to the hospital," said Kian.