IAF dismisses it as a one-off incident

IAF dismisses it as a one-off incident

Deepak Kanthan wanted to impress a girl

IAF dismisses it as a one-off incident

Deepak Kanthan

The episode, arguably the first in the history of an air force station, is being seen as an eye-opener that even uniformed officers would be watched upon henceforth. 

An IAF source said the Air Force Police were instrumental in nabbing the 23-year old impostor. “The motive behind the impostor's antics was apparently to impress a girl and possibly, to realise an unfulfilled desire to don the uniform of a brave air-warrior of the IAF. With this in mind, he managed to get into the officer’s guest house, posing as flight lieutenant from Ambala” informed the source.

The canteen staff at the IAF guest house, who had become suspicious of Deepak Kanthan’s identity on the tenth day, finally asked him to produce his identity card.
Realising that his tricks could soon land him in a soup, the wannabe IAF officer and his wife took to their heels.

By then the authorities at the Yelahanka Station who had it confirmed that no officer by name Deepak Kanthan is posted at Ambala, informed the Air Force Police in Yelahanka to investigate.

Cellphone gave clues

“After investigations, we managed to trace his mobile number from which he had made calls to speak to waiters at the guest house. The address provided to the cellphone provider was a HAL address. But upon investigation, we were told the house was vacated. Then we tracked all calls made and received on his mobile number and zeroed-in-on a clue that revealed the accused often called a particular number, a female friend of his” informed sources.

Then, the IAF police called his female friend and sought information on Deepak Kanthan, which was provided. This included his residence at Nagwarapalya. From then, there was no looking back, but swift planning to nab the impostor. “The female friend also revealed that the accused sought a loan of Rs 5,000, from her on the 25th, Tuesday. We then asked her to tell him that Rs 3,500 would be provided and that he should come to the Koramangala water tank to receive the amount,” added the source.

With the trap laid, sleuths from the IAF police waited for Deepak Kanthan who finally showed up in an autorickshaw and was nabbed, by waiting officers on arrival.
 In the custody of the IAF, he was then questioned by officials from the Central IB (Intelligence Bureau) and found that he had no anti-national intention.