Book Bhat under Goonda Act: Masood

Book Bhat under Goonda Act: Masood

The Muslim Central Committee will stage a protest against the derogatory statement made by RSS leader Kalladka Prabhakr Bhat, against women belonging to Muslim community, in front of Deputy Commissioner’s office in Mangalore on January 30 at 3 pm.

Addressing a press meet, Committee President K S Mohammed Masood urged the police to act sternly against Dr Bhat for targeting a community and its members. He urged the police to file chargesheet against Dr Bhat and file case under Goonda Act and externate him from the district.

Masood said that by delivering derogatory statements, an attempt was made to spoil the harmony in the society.

He said the RSS leaders should give complete details on conversion of Hindu to Islam and how much money has been paid for conversion. Whether derogatory statement against women are the culture of RSS and Hindu? he asked.

“We are not against Samajotsava. In fact, we have supported Hindu Samajotsava several times in the past. Inspite of asking the leaders not to make derogatory statements, Dr Bhat has violated all the rules.”