'Macho Mustafa', most expensive Bengali film

'Macho Mustafa', most expensive Bengali film

'Macho Mustafa', an upcoming film featuring real life car blasts and underwater shooting off Mauritius, is the most expensive Bengali film till date with a budget of Rs seven crore.

The film boasts as many as eight real car explosions, not through special effects, in a particular chase sequence which never had been attempted before in Bengali films, the film's producer, P P Tewary of Remac Films told PTI.

Also there are 24 action sequences in the film which, he claimed, is another record as far as Bengali films are concerned, according to Tewary.

"Rs six crore alone had been invested in the film's production, a record of sorts," Tewary claimed adding another Rs one crore was spent on promoting the movie.

Shot in DI format, 'Macho Mustafaa' has been extensively shot in the palm-fringed beaches and lagoons in the islands apart from locations in Bengal and Hyderbad's Eenadu film city.

"We have shot in hitherto-unexplored locations other than Port Louis, used large catamarans and took underwater coral reef shots. The shots were blended in the film in a way you won't feel it out of sync with the story line," director Reshmi Mitra said.Starring Hiran Chatterjee and Pooja Bose, the film is a romantic love story with lots of action scenes.

"This is a family entertainer, but the producers never compromised on the budget to give it a big launch, a glossy look not much seen in Bengali films. It will take Hiran to a different league," Mitra said on return from Chennai after post-production work.
Tollywood actor Hiran, whose commercial film 'Nabab Nandini' had became a box office hit in 2007, suffered a back pain during shooting afterwards.

"When we got in touch with Hiran early last year for the role in 'Macho Mustafa' where his character would sport a lean, strapping look, he was game for the challenge and he strictly followed a daily regimen of dieting and exercise as required for the role," Mitra said.

"To my knowledge it is the most expensive Bengali film till date," Hiran said.
"I wanted to make a Bengali film even for those not speaking the dialect and we hope it will show in the end product," Tewary said.

Remaz films is also slated to make a Hindi film with ace director Nagesh Kukunoor, but the producers were not divulging much about the venture now.