His pulsating drums do the magic

His pulsating drums do the magic


This musical genius has a multiple stage personality, as he says, “I have a multiple stage personality. Anyone who has been to my concerts must have witnessed my transformation as an artiste from performing with a kurta clad Ravi Shankar to a jean clad Papon.

Beat it Bickram Ghosh

This is the crux of my music personality,” says Bickram Ghosh, the man who is well-known as a percussionist.

Metrolife peeps into the life of this new age tabla maestro who was in the City for a concert to promote his upcoming fusion album.

A known name in the world of music, Bickram is an artiste who leaves the audience spellbound with his mouth thumping and other stage acts.

He says, “The percussionist culture has increased many folds. Essentially what matters is how you present your act. Your stage presence makes you stand apart from others.”

The artiste has carved a niche for himself in his diverse avatars as classical musician and avant garde artiste and composer. He is happy with the way the percussion culture has changed, “The way percussionists are taking centre stage these days is quite different from the previous culture. I really like this change and feel that it’s a positive one.”

A die hard fan of Kishore Kumar,  Bickram is fascinated by the legendary musician’s unique acts.
This soloist, composer and collaborator says, “I am enamoured by Kishore Kumar’s comic talent which is why I end up doing different things like mouth thumping. He has done so much as a music composer and that attracts me towards him. It is because of his inspiration that I am also a music composer today.” He adds, “I feel every artiste should have an expertise like Kishore Kumar. I too have emulated that and worked on my unique style over the years.”

While remembering his childhood, this son of tabla maestro Pandit Shankar Ghosh, says, “I was a mummy’s boy. My mother is a singer from Patiala Gharana. As a child I experienced an environment where everybody in my family was involved in music.” He adds, “I share a special bond with my father and I am more like him now. It is his inspiration that has gone into whatever I am today. I have had many chances of sharing the stage with him, which has redefined our relationship from being father and son to friends.”

Bickram has over 70 recordings as soloist, composer and collaborator. He has also played on a number of Grammy nominated albums. He says, “I am very serious about my albums because that is something which will stay on. I am a workaholic and work every day till 9 pm in my studio unless there is a concert.”

His fans are in for a treat as the musician is coming up with three albums this year. Navras being one of them.

The elated response of audience always acts as a driving force for Bickram. “Like a typical Libran, I work till I am convinced and it is this drive to get convinced which keeps me going,” he signs off.