Bring corporates under Lokpal, demand Delhi students

Bring corporates under Lokpal, demand Delhi students

Delhi University students participated in a rally organised by the All India Students’ Association here on Wednesday demanding the inclusion of corporate houses in the ambit of the Lokpal Bill.

Started from the Faculty of Arts, at least 100 students took part in the rally holding placards and shouting slogans about corruption and corporate loot.

“Any law to curb corruption has to include everyone from the local patwari to the Prime Minister, judiciary, Army and, particularly, corruption by corporate houses,” said Sandeep Kishore, a student of MA History.

Education Bill

The students also touched upon the issues of higher education in the country. “Education Tribunal Bill takes away the right of the students and teachers in any education institution to approach even the courts of the country against any injustice,” said Anmol, a member of AISA.

Students called the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations  a weapon to curb student resistance against anti-student policies, they raised a voice against such policies.

“The fight for ‘right to education and employment with dignity' is directly linked with the fight against corruption and corporate loot,” said another student.