Gujarat ministers to deliver identical Republic Day speech

Orchestrating the decade-long achievements of the BJP government in Gujarat and flailing the Centre for its unfair treatment of the state are the main highlights of the Republic Day speech to be delivered by the 26 members of the Narendra Modi cabinet on Thursday.

The ministers will deliver the same speech prepared and circulated by the government, which will also highlight the developmental initiatives for the next five years. 

The idea of the same speech being delivered by 26 ministers in different venues has come under criticism by former state chief ministers and opposition Congress which has said that the Modi regime has robbed the ministers of their right to free speech.

“This move is like taking away the freedom of speech of the ministers,” said former chief minister and Congress leader Shanker Sinh Vaghela.

Though ministers were told to highlight the government’s achievements during his tenure, no one was given dictations, he added.

“Every minister has the right to speak about the work done in their area, and highlight the achievements of the government, but there was no brief beyond that,’’ said Vaghela.   
Criticising the move, former chief minister and Modi’s detractor Suresh Mehta said, “Speaking about the achievements of the government has been there and they are supposed to do that but projecting the development and achievements of one person has never been a trend in the state.”

Mehta said the chief minister seems to be projecting his own work and has neglected other’s work by resorting to methods like this.

Meanwhile, ministers are given different areas to deliver the same speech. The chief minister himself would speak at Bhavnagar on Thursday.

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