Quick exit of a season's fashion

Quick exit of a season's fashion

Being cool

Memories of a windy year gone by are what remain of the City’s winter this time around. Winter collections by luxury and fashion labels made their way to and off the windows in a period as short as ten days.

Wardrobe Woes : Many fashionistas are disappointed with the winter leaving the City too soon.

Fashion enthusiasts and most of the young people were left revamping a wardrobe initially and digging for summer clothing soon after. While evenings continue to be chilly, mornings are back to being warm and sunny since the start of the new year.

Metrolife spoke to a few disappointed students and young working professionals, who have tucked away their winter wear altogether, to be brought out next year.

Naaila Khan, a student of Christ University says, “It hardly seemed this way when winter actually hit the City. I went shopping before the start of the season and bought some smart pullovers, shawls and the likes. Now, even though they are in vogue, I can’t wear them.” According to her, the many end-of-season sales by apparel brands aren’t helping much.

“Besides my earlier winter preparations, I now see many international brands like Zara and Mango having end-of-season sales. It is winter wear that makes up most of the display and I can’t put much to use even if I am tempted to,” she adds.

While there are those who have let winter fashion out of their lives for the year, there are others who are holding on to those fresh cardigans and flaunting them at the slightest opportunity they get.

“I went shopping for a lot of sweaters before the winter began and brought back some fashionable knee-length ones. I also bought some shirts that aren’t too dressy and perfect for winters,” says Vaishali Deepak, another student of Christ University.

“The weather has indeed turned warmer but I shall continue to carry my newly acquired possessions and use them in the evenings as and when I get a chance to,” she adds.
The evenings seem to be what every fashionista is relying on to not let an entire season of fashion pass without a notice.

There are those who are willing to carry the pullover and shawls for a chance to wear them and others who have simply pinned their hopes on the following year.

The sales across town are doing all it takes to lure the fashion-conscious into wearing clothes that must ideally have made its way back to the racks already.

“The weather at this time of the year is supposed to be much cooler than it is. It is perhaps the cyclonic showers and the lack of cloud cover following it that have driven the winter away. I rely on my Himalayan sweaters for the winters but I can hardly put them to any use now.

The days are sunny and the only time I can wear them are on early morning bike rides and in the evenings. To make things worse, the weather is unpredictable, which almost ensures you carry an extra layer you can turn to all the time,” says Tarun Kumar, an entrepreneur.