Give your closet a makeover

Give your closet a makeover


Swati Kapur writes about the factors to consider before you design a new closet. There are many options, from walk-in wardrobes to traditionally designed ones. Then, there are also other aspects such as the variety of wood and the finishing, to think about.

How often has your closet been in a mess? Lack of proper storage space and not enough time to keep your clothes organised could be some of the reasons. What if this is taken care of, by way of a well-arranged, proper scheme?

Remodelling the wardrobe could be the answer to your messy cupboard. Most Indian traditional cupboards provide for a place for hangers and drawers for small items, but that does not quite go with urban needs and ways.

In case you have an old cupboard that needs complete remodelling, consider changing it altogether. This will save you money and hassle. However, if remodelling is what you want to opt for, then keep the following in mind:

Size matters
Take measurements of the space you have designated for the cupboard. What is the size of the wardrobe that you need? Is there room for traditional doors or do you want sliding doors? Would you prefer a walk-in wardrobe? If yes, then do you have space or can it be created? These will help you plan a practical wardrobe easily.

Style and finish
What kind of storage space do you need? Would you like a traditional wardrobe or do you want a wardrobe/drawer combination? Choose a look to suit your bedroom, wood or polished, mirrored or lacquered. Similarly, pick a colour that merges with the background or adds a dimension to it. Lacquered red or black looks pretty eloquent. “White and cream are favourites with my clients,” says Pune-based designer Sheena Marwah. 

Wood is conventionally the most used material for almirahs, but there is another exciting option, of steel modular shelves and containers. Treated wood or vinyl look elegant and render a smooth finish. Steel almirahs do not look very trendy in the room, but then if you are reluctant to give up on the almirah, shelve it in a cupboard. I have shelved my steel almirah into an empty space designated for an almirah. So now the almirah technically has two doors with a wooden exterior.

Finally, decide on what you need inside your wardrobe. Choose the fitted interior that suits you best or choose and arrange your own fittings. If you have blazers and overcoats to hang, ensure that there is designated space for it in the wardrobe. Shoes can be kept in the bottom-most sliding drawer or box.

The kind of clothes you wear will decide the size and dimension of the cupboards. Decide on how much space you would like to designate to each of the items. If you want to organise your jewellery, then ensure a drawer fixed with boxes and small compartments to demarcate the party and daily-wear ones.

Small items often mess up the drawers. Get the socks and undergarments settled in a small sack or bag so that they stay in one place. 

Other factors
Ask yourself if you would prefer a movable or immovable wardrobe. This will help you zero in on the best design as per your space and budget.  You may also want to consider a sliding door in order to utilise space efficiently.

“Glass doors are also in,” says interior designer Jatin Kapoor. This however means you would have to keep it highly organised and spic and span all the time. In case you do not want to go in for major changes in your wardrobe, consider minor ones like a change of front panels, a new refreshing paint, a new panel for an elegant look, internal flexible panels, etc.

Wall papers can also be glued onto almirahs these days, changing the look.
Supreet Kumar from Delhi has glass panels on her wardrobe with a soft tissue cloth on the inner sides of the doors. This renders a flowery look, and she can change it whenever she gets bored with it. 

Space for your trinkets too
A well-organised cupboard ensures that there is a designated space for everything. Don’t ignore small items like socks, handkerchiefs, trinkets and tissues.

For the perfect closet
*Tie a thin strong wire on the inside panels of the door to hang danglers and chains.
*A hanging socks and tissue bag is very useful.
*Shoes can be placed right at the bottom in storage boxes or sliding drawers.
*Keep the wardrobe fresh with some freshener or wardrobe scent.
*Stuff you haven’t bothered to look at in the last one or more years, does not belong to you. Discard right now.
*Hanging pouches for small perfume bottles, creams, jewellery and medicines can be hanged on the inside panels
*Always iron and keep your clothes to ensure they take less space and are ready to be worn.

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