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Eco living and luxury on the same roof

 Host Emmanuel Belliveau takes viewers to the world’s most stunning eco-friendly dwellings and introduce them to the cutting-edge innovations that make these eco-palaces as green as they are glamorous. In this epiosde, Emmanuel highlights two residences in dynamic all-access explorations that show off these homes’ style and decor, architectural boldness and the visionary green secrets behind it. Watch it on September 2 at 8:30 pm.

Are we forgetting where we came from?
Alka Yagnik narrated an incident. When she was 15 years old, Manas Mukherjee, had offered her playback singing for a song. While she was practicing at his place, she saw a small kid peeping at her from behind the curtains. When she asked Manas who he is, he said “That’s my son, Shantanu.” A couple of years later, Alka was asked to do a playback with Shantanu. She was surprised that such a young boy is going to sing with her but at the end of the song, she was amazed with his talent. Summing up Alkaji’s narration, Abhijeet indicated that the entire credit for Shaan and his sister Sagarika’s success ideally goes to their mom who has brought them up so well after Shaan’s father passed away at an early age. Listening to this, an emotional Shaan confessed that though we always respect our parents as we grow older, we tend to forget their sacrifices and love towards us.

The unique duo
Baba Sehgal and Tabassum have hit it off really well on Zee’s Ladies Special. They have a unique chemistry though one belongs to the older generation and the other is a desi rapper. Tabassum is popular for her instant shero-shayeri’s and Chutkullas. Says an enthusiastic Baba, “Tabassumji, since I cannot match up to your shero–shayeri’s, I have a bakri for you — ‘Aei meri baby Tabassum Baby Lagti ho tum chabbi chabbi , Apno se toh roj milti ho tum  Humse bhi mila karo kabhi kabhi...’”
 Although Baba has taken on well in the new role of a judge in a stand up comedy show, his first passion remains music. He is seen jamming with the live band during the breaks.

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