Expecting the unexpected

Expecting the unexpected

Second Option

You are all set to catch a movie with friends. However, by the time you reach the theatre, the tickets are sold out.

alternative solution It helps to have a back-up plan in case something unexpected happens.

In another scenario, you are looking forward to go for a jolly trip with family. But all of a sudden, the vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road. The whole plan is altered leaving you upset!

Such situations with an unexpected outcome tend to occur in life regularly and dampen our spirits. Many a time, we are not ready with the second option or alternatives.
Sampanna, a software developer, believes in “hoping for the best and being prepared for the worst”. He says he has a back-up plan for every action of his. “I always think of a back-up plan. I feel success doesn’t follow us all the time. So having a second option might be helpful if the first one fails.

When it comes to any important matter of life, one has to be ready with a second option. The less important things like going for a movie, outings, etc do not require alternate plans. One can take a decision on the spot,” he says.

But not everyone is mentally prepared to face the worst. Manoj, a B Com student, feels nobody thinks about the consequences of a plan. “When we are not ready to face a particular situation, we have to compromise. There have been instances when I have compromised during shopping and picked up whatever is available. But I stick to one decision when it is related to my future and career,” he clears.

He recollects an incident in which he faced a bad situation. “A few days back, my friends and I had gone for a picnic on the outskirts of the City. We were prepared to enjoy our trip but destiny had its own plan. The bike got punctured and we spent lot of time repairing it. Though we were not prepared for such a situation, we didn’t regret it. It was an experience in life from which we learnt a lesson,” he informs.

Sumangala, a professional, feels it’s always good to be ready with a second option. “Being mentally prepared for the worst situation can give one some confidence in life. We can think of a situation from different angles. The chances of disappointment would be low as well as we are ready to face any outcome,” she concludes.