'Dead' woman comes back to life

'Dead' woman comes back to life

Saved by Gods grace

A 67-year-old woman, Magan Kanwar, came alive just before her creamtion.  Twenty hours after she was declared dead by the doctors, she started snoring to everybody’s surprise.

This has happened in the house of Ramkumar Singh Rathore at Kari village at Nawalgarh tehsil in Jhunjhunu district in Rajasthan.

Her only son had tonsured his head to perform the last rites. The body was being given the last bath. Suddenly the unexpected happened. The situation in the house dramatically changed from grief to joy.

Narrating the incident,her son  Rathore said, “My mother had slipped in the bathroom on Monday and fell unconscious. We took her to a private hospital in Jaipur. Doctors had diagnosed her with brain haemorrhage. They put her in a ventilator and the doctors  on Tuesday afternoon  declared her dead.”

The relatives took the woman's 'body' to the village and the relatives were informed. The cremation was scheduled on Wednesday.

Hundreds of relatives and villagers of Magan Kanwar had gathered at the village to attend her funeral. When some women were performing the ritual of bathing the body, they realised she was still breathing.

Immediately, the relatives called a compounder in the village, who confirmed that she was alive.

She was taken to a hospital in Jaipur where doctors said she is alive. The woman is now responding to treatment and her condition is improving, said Rathore. "I would have cremated my mother alive because of the inefficiency of the doctors. It was just by chance that I am saved of commiting this cruelty,” said Rathore, who is contemplating a legal action against the hospital.