I have never advocated violence: Hazare

I have never advocated violence: Hazare

After courting controversy over his 'slap for corruption' remarks, Anna Hazare today distanced himself from it saying that he has never advocated violence and accused section of politicians of conspiring to brand him as a "big criminal".

In his latest blog, Hazare said he has been fighting against corruption for the past so many years but has never beaten anyone asked anybody to do so. "But this (beating of someone) is being linked to me again and again. I am now being projected as a big criminal without thinking or understanding what I have said. This is unfortunate," Hazare said.

His remarks in the blog came following a controversy over his comments after watching a Hindi movie 'Gali Gali Chor Hai' on corruption that a person is left with no option but to slap when his power of tolerance of corruption runs out.

Citing the protests for a strong Lokpal Bill, the 74-year-old activist said he had never used the language of violence and all his agitations were non-violent. He claimed that the remarks were being misused to spread misconceptions about him.

Declaring that he will embark on a nation-wide tour soon after he recovers from his illness during which he will "awaken" the people on the issue of corruption, he said he will not speak about indulging in violence. "Soon after I regain my health, I will embark on an all- India tour. Then the corrupt people will understand that the allegations they level against me will not have an effect on people," he said.

Hazare had called off his three-day hunger strike in Mumbai last month mid-way as his health deteriorated. He could not go on the proposed campaign in the Assembly polls as doctors asked him not to venture out. Hazare said he had spoken about the film and told the media that there is a limit for a man to tolerate anything and wondered what is the option before a common man other than slapping someone if corruption and injustice cross that limit.

"This I told the media when they asked me about the film. Anna Hazare has not slapped anyone or have sent a message to slap someone...Some people are playing politics on this and started conspiring," he said. Hazare alleged that many in politics were conspiring to tarnish the anti-corruption movement spearheaded by him.

"They did not succeed (in tarnishing us after doing so many things) because I have never allowed even a small stain to stick on me," he said.