Savouring happiness and sorrow!

Savouring happiness and sorrow!

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A mobile stall that sells mouth watering samosa among other items in Vivekananda Nagar in Mysore, has fast emerged as the stop to pamper one’s tastebuds, writes Sreekantswamy B

When cold breeze blows throughout the day, it’s obvious for many to suffer from hunger pangs. When weather in Mysore is turning intolerable, with the city recording its decade lowest temperature in the recent days, chaat will be definitely on the list of many to savour especially after dusk.

Sri  Ganesha Sweets and Samosa Corner near Vivekananda Circle in Vivekananda Nagar has emerged as the must stop for a quick bite. According to Shivu and his father Anne Gowda the deft hands behind the eatery, cold or no cold, their samosa has takers. The eatery on a push cart has a fan club of its own since the father-son duo started here six years ago. For those having a taste for spicy food- samosa topped with chutney in both-  sweet and spicy flavours is offered. Among sweet items, one can choose either from dry jamoon, champakali, jilebi or sandwich. If you mistake sandwich for bread made, it wouldn’t be a surprise. The sandwich here is a juicy item made of milk. To be precise- it’s called milk sandwich, Shivu tells City Herald.

Their hands are busy from the moment they open their day’s business at 5 pm and remain open till 9.30 pm. Regulars- young and old alike form the chunk  of customers here.

The moment they arrive, Shivu who knows about their pick- serves them with samosa sometimes added with both types of chutney or one among the two. According to him- sweet and spice is akin to sukha (happiness) and dukkha (sorrow) respectively.

If a customer asks him for only sweet flavour along with samosa- pat comes his reply- nimge bari dukkha matra (Only sorrow for you meaning the chutney). Mixture of crispy items is also available here.

Keeping in taste of the customers for eating fresh, samosa stuffed with vegetables at home itself, is slid into oil in the cauldron at the mobile stall. No wonder, it also tops the orders here. 

When it comes to fare, it’s also not heavy on pocket- samosa is available at Rs five per plate and sweets at Rs eight. However, plans are on the anvil to hike the prices owing to rise in the prices of essential commodities.