Sexual abuse of 2-year-old girl ruled out by doctor

Sexual abuse of 2-year-old girl ruled out by doctor

Doctors attending on the battered two-year-old girl child at AIIMS today ruled out her sexual abuse and her condition showed no signs of improvement.

Dr Deepak Aggarwal, a neurosurgeon attending on the girl, said the bite marks on her body seem that of a human being but forensic experts at the hospital would ascertain and give a final report.

He said the possibility of sexual abuse of the child has been ruled out after a gynaecologist carried out test on her for the same yesterday.

"The marks on her body seem like that of human bite. To verify this, we called in our forensic experts. They will analyse and let us now," Agarwal said.

Even as she entered the 11th day of her admission to the Intensive Care Unit of Jai Prakash Narayan AIIMS Trauma Centre, the baby has shown no change in physical condition since yesterday and continues to remain critical, Agarwal said.

"There is no change in her condition. It is the same as yesterday. She is stable but critical and deeply unconscious," he said.

She has been taken off ventilatory support and doctors conducted a tracheostomy on the baby who is being fed through a pipe that goes via the nose, he said.

The baby was brought to the hospital in a bitten and battered state on January 18. Her head had severe injuries, both her arms were broken, there were bite marks all over her body and her cheeks branded with hot iron.

She was brought to the hospital by a teenaged girl who claimed to be her mother and had cited a fall from the bed as the reason for the child's pathetic state.