Battered child still critical

Battered child still critical

The condition of the battered two-year-old baby in Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center, AIIMS, is critical but stable. But doctors say there is a high chance that she may remain in a vegetative state even if she survives.

"The child's condition is the same as it was on Friday. She is stable but critical. It has been a day since she was taken off the ventilator," said Dr Deepak Aggarwal, associate professor, Neurosurgery, JPNATC.

Dr Sumit Sinha, associate professor, Neurosurgery said she is likely to have memory problems due to brain injuries. "We are sure that there will be a major damage in her brain," he said. "We cannot say whether she will be speech impaired. We are also not sure whether she will be able to continue her life normally," he added.

Doctors say in such cases there are chances of children remaining in a vegetative state, but they still see a ray of hope.

"Small children have a remarkable ability to recover. Thus, she might see more improvement than the current prediction," said Dr Aggarwal. In the last 24 hours there has been no improvement in the baby's condition though it is a matter of relief that there is neither any deterioration, he added.

"We categorise her condition to be critical and it will take time to improve," Dr Sinha said. Doctors said her pulse rate is still high. There are chances of infection. The authorities have rejected the possibility of sexual abuse of the child.

"A gynaecologist came from AIIMS to see the child. There is no evidence of sexual abuse," said Dr Aggarwal.