Hrithik couldn't be intimidating in 'Agneepath': director

Hrithik couldn't be intimidating in 'Agneepath': director

Hrithik Roshan's performance in the remade 'Agneepath' is being compared to the Vijay Deenanath Chauhan played by Amitabh Bachchan, but the new film's director Karan Malhotra says that the former's portrayal couldn't have been as intimidating as the original.

Hrithik has approached the character way too differently from the manner immortalised by Bachchan and debutante director Malhotra says that imitating the senior actor was never the intention.

"The idea was not to make Vijay intimidating at all. There was no way that I could have asked Hrithik to do something similar to Mr Bachchan. What he did back then in the original 'Agneepath', no actor in India can.

"I was sure that Vijay had to be real and identifiable. What Hrithik portrayed was as per my vision. I didn't want people to look up to him but walk with him in the revenge. I wanted the audience to feel that given the space and time, even they would have done the same," Malhotra told PTI.

The legend of Vijay Deenanath Chauhan has been completely de-structured in this remake effort.

"It would have been stupid to think that I could recreate the same film. That would have been suicidal," said Malhotra.

And his efforts in being different seems to have paid off with 'Agneepath', which released last Thursday, setting a new box office record with its first day opening collections of 22 crores. Even Sanjay Dutt is winning accolades for his menacing act as Kaancha and Malhotra says the actor let his vision of the villain come to life.

"More than me providing him a certain personality to play around with, it is Dutt who has given me an opportunity to bring to life the character of Kaancha that I wrote. He has taken Kaancha to a different level now," said Malhotra.

As the two male characters take up major screen space, lead actress Priyanka Chopra's role has become almost like an extended guest appearance. But the director reasons that her character is crucial nonetheless.

"Despite 'Agneepath' being a male dominated film, the part played by Priyanka is very prominent. It isn't that of a simple or ordinary lover. She is there for Vijay unconditionally and without any expectations," said Malhotra.

"With all the dangerous people around her, she is like this pretty flower standing there with a smile on her face."

With the tremendous response 'Agneepath' has received, Malhotra is glad that his honest efforts have paid off.

"As a filmmaker your state of mind is purest when you are making your first movie since there are honest emotions at play. I had a certain fear when I thought of remaking 'Agneepath' but then I am lucky to have got this opportunity. It is time to look into future now and begin another assignment," he said

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