CPM opens front against Maoists

CPM opens front against Maoists

Experiencing regular attacks from Maoists in West Bengal, the CPM has opened up front against the Maoists. The party has declared to fight the “ultra-left” ideologically.

In its Draft Resolution for the forthcoming Party Congress, the party has accused them of pursuing “retrograde ideology and disruptive politics” and vowed to mobilise “public opinion” against them.

The Draft resolution also alleges that Maoists “run an extortion network.” “They run an extortion network to raise ‘taxes’ from contractors, business men, and local officials,” it says.

The draft has dwelt on the topic in length. It holds them responsible for  making tribal susceptible to “state repression.”

“They are pitting the tribal people against the state through armed actions by which they invite the full burnt of the state repression on tribal people, says the party.

The CPM says, “The Maoists do not attack the security forces alone. They target a wide range of people, including political parties, and those who refuse to cooperate with them.”

According to it, killing of 210 CPM cadres “exposes their true characters-under the cover of revolutionary rhetoric they act as an instrument of the anti-Left forces”.

It has cited explosion of bus in Dantewada district in Chhattisgarh and the derailment of the Jnaneshwarui Express in West Bengal as examples of “terrorist methods” adopted by them.

Collusion with parties

The political party also alleges their collusion with political parties in manipulating elections as, according to it,  during elections  ultras “strike deals with various political parties in Jharkhand, Chhattisgraph, and Odisha for money”.

“The Maoists tie up with the Trinamool Congress to carry out its attack on the CPM; constitutes a heinous chapter in the history of Naxalism,” it has alleged.

 It says that some section of intelligentsia continue to support them, “Their dubious positions should be ideologically combated and exposed.”

In the draft, the party has revealed its plan to “mobilise democratic opinion against the incessant violence of the Maoists, their fascist-like intolerance of political opponents”.

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