India has been 'consistent' in losing, says Imran Khan

India has been 'consistent' in losing, says Imran Khan

Former Pakistan captain Imran Khan today came down heavily on the Indian team stating that cash-rich IPL was the reason that has affected the technique and temperament of the players leading to disaster in England and Australia.

Terming it as a wake-up call for Indian cricket, Imran blamed IPL and excessive focus on Twenty20 as the reason for the failure.

"In 21 years of international cricket, I did not make as much money as a mediocre player does in IPL in one season," Imran said while addressing media during a promotional event at a city hotel, today.

"It's really surprising for a team to go so low. During my last visit here (during the World Cup), they were at the top. It's very important to understand."

"First of all, you must understand that if you play so much to T20, you are going to pay huge price to real cricket."

Terming Test cricketer the real connoisseur of cricket, Imran said: "I don't know T20 or ODI average of cricketers. I am not interested. I always look up to the Test records..."

"It's same with the team. As the name says it's the ultimate test of a cricketer. Talent can excel in one-day cricket but in a Test, not only your talent but technique is tested. Your temperement is tested."

About Indian team's performance, Imran gave a sarcastic reply, "There is just one word to describe Indian cricket: Consistent. To lose 8 matches in a row, it's an achievement!"
"It's not easy. You would atleast draw one match. To lose eight matches in a row is something." Imran's dig at the Indian team saw people burst into laughter.

Giving example of Indian legend Sunil Gavaskar, Khan said: "In Gavaskar, I used to find a computer at work. His mind was like a computer. Everything is processed. Which bowlers to score, when to score runs... It's total managment of innings. That is a skill, training of mind which is involved in Test cricket."