'I may sign a Bollywood film'

'I may sign a Bollywood film'

Successful star

Ragini Dwivedi was in the news recently because of her alleged remarks on the girls who posed in bikini for the Celebrity Cricket League’s official calender.

Misquoted : Ragini

This statement caused a lot of misunderstanding.

But Ragini, who is busy shooting, tells Metrolife that she was misquoted and doesn’t care about the rumours.

“All I said that it was a personal choice to wear a bikini and I didn’t want to wear a bikini at this point of my career. I really don’t know what was told to them and the whole thing was blown out of proportion. Some even said that I am doing it for publicity but if I really needed publicity, I would have called a press conference and made it a bigger issue. I just don’t want to comment on this issue anymore,” she adds.

The actress is now all set for the first release of the year, Arakshaka. Paired with ‘Real Star’ Upendra for the first time, Ragini says that she has seen herself grow as an actress in this film. “For the first time, I am playing the role of a doctor. It’s a very performance-oriented role and a real pleasure to work with Uppi as he is such a perfectionist,” she says.

In this movie, Ragini has shot for an underwater sequence. Ask her about it and she says that it was for a song in the movie. “I had never shot underwater. In fact I had even forgotten to swim, so before the shoot I practised for a while and even learnt how to dive.

But the real challenge was to hold my breath underwater and get that perfect shot,” she says.

Ragini went on an action mode for Shivarajkumar starrer Shiva. From fight sequences to bike chases, she did them all with no body double. “It was fun. I had been toying with the idea of doing an action film, and when I was told that there was going to be a few action scenes in Shiva I was thrilled,” she adds.

With her career going strong this year with many releases, one wonders if she plans to jump on the Bollywood bandwagon anytime soon. “There are a few scripts but nothing is confirmed yet. But you never know if the time and place is right, I may sign a Bollywood film but my loyalties will always be to Kannada film industry and that’s one thing I will never give up,” she signs off.