Action-packed thriller

HBO presents Romeo Must Die on August 31 at 9 pm starring Jet Li, Aaliyah, Russell Wong and Delroy Lindo. Han Sing is an ex-cop investigating the murder of his brother, who had apparent links with the Chinese mafia in America.
Ironically, he falls in love with Trish O’Day, who is the daughter of the American Mob Boss. In classic Romeo and Juliet style, neither side approves of their romance, resulting in some amazing kung fu action. Jet Li thrills with his astonishing speed, and Aaliyah dazzles with that extra oomph.

From fiction to fact

They have moved from science fiction to science fact. Robots are all around us helping us in ways never imagined.
How are they saving lives both on the battle field and in the operating room?
Learn how mini-droids played an important role in the 9/11 rescue efforts.
Check out the real-life robocops working alongside human police officers. How are they helping the   handicapped walk again? When will the machines become smarter than us?
And what on earth are nanopants?
Find the answers on Everything You Need To Know on Discovery Channel. The programme airs at 7 pm on August 31.

Dream holiday

Scenic: Discovery Travel and Living presents Honeymoon Adventures on August 31 at 8.30 pm. The programme takes viewers to explore exotic honeymoon destinations.

‘Nakalbaazi’ on sets

The characters of Shakuntalam Telefilms’ Na Aana Is Desh Laado have found a new way to have fun during the shoots. Where actors generally prefer resting during their break, over here the actors have a different way of releasing their stress.
“Whenever we shoot together, we often imitate each other during breaks. We copy each other’s gestures and deliver their dialogues. It is a good way of relaxing and de-stressing ourselves,” says Aditya Redij, who plays Raghav on the show.
When asked whom does he imitate the best, Aditya says, “I imitate everyone. But according to my co-stars, I imitate Ammaji the best. I copy her gestures very well but her accent and dialogue delivery is something which no one can copy,” he admits.
And who imitates Aditya the best? “My onscreen wife Sia. She copies me so well that even I am left amazed,” he exclaims.

Tough battle

Watch Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao on August 31 at 10 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. After the elimination of Marc, watch Aakashdeep, Aman, Chetan, Jay, Mona, Anaida compete with each other on the show.
The programme airs every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm with the elimination episodes on Fridays at 9 pm.

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