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Going back to school

Riteish Deshmukh has reasons to feel ‘nostalgic’ these days. The actor will be seen sporting a school bag in Eros International’s Aladin directed by Sujoy Ghosh. Aladin is a contemporary look at the classic fairy tale where Riteish plays the title character.
However, in Sujoy’s version, Aladin shares nothing other than his name with the protagonist of the famous fairy-tale. Here Aladin is a shy, young man who is constantly bullied by a certain gang of boys in his college. Since Riteish plays a college student in the film, he was required to carry a bag. The actor suggested using a sling, since that is very popular with the youth today.
But director Sujoy insisted on Riteish carrying a typical school bag as it would be a perfect fit with his reclusive character in the film. Riteish immediately disagreed, but later decided to try it out on Sujoy’s persuasion. He was given a worn-out brown leather bag by art director Sabu Cyril to try it on.
After giving a few takes with the bag, he discovered, to his own surprise that the bag indeed added that ‘authentic’ touch to his character in the film and gladly agreed to carry it. Says Riteish, “Sujoy is a brilliant director and knows exactly what he wants. He was very sure about his portrayal of Aladin and though I was initially hesitant, I realised that the bag completely matched Aladin’s personality.”
And how was the school-going experience? He laughs “Carrying that typical ‘two-shoulder’ school bag initially felt weird, but it was fun too. It was like reliving my school days after all these years.”

Mid-air proposal

Trust Ajay Devgan to put in all the efforts for his next production. He has surely taken it to a completely different level, quite literally. In his forthcoming movie All The Best, Ajay pulls off a stunt for his beloved  played by the sultry Bipasha Basu. He proposes to her in a suspended car mid air, eight feet above the ground.
And apparently, the particular stunt took a lot of planning and efforts to get it perfect.
Says a source, “It is something completely different from what the audiences have seen before. Not only did the car have to be suspended mid air and Ajay had to balance his weight, we had to take all the precautionary measures as
Bipasha was standing below the car and nothing could go wrong. To top it all, it had to look completely romantic. It took us two days to plan and an entire day to shoot.”
Well quite obviously, Ajay proposed such that Bipasha could not dispose.

Sweet sacrifice

Smilie Suri marked her steps in Bollywood with the film Kalyug opposite Kunal Khemu. She gave up her sweet tooth as she took a decision that she won’t eat sweets until the movie emerges as a hit at the box-office. Recently, she went to the cities of Delhi, Chandigarh and Jaipur to promote her upcoming film Yeh Mera India (YMI). She is keeping her fingers crossed for this film. Smilie says that she has left sweets again before the release of YMI. Apparently, the actress is even having tea and coffee without sugar.
She strongly believes that if she quits sweets, her film will really do well at the box-office. She loves chocolates but is avoiding them completely. Let’s see her tactic of quitting sweet works for her this time again or not.

Longest cameo ever

Although Shah Rukh Khan’s role has been billed as a guest appearance in Dulha Mil Gaya, he has over 50 minutes of screen time in the film. This has to be the longest guest appearance by any star in a film. SRK, who was always told that he has a guest appearance in Dulha Mil Gaya, had never thought that his role in the forthcoming film will be for a whopping one hour.
SRK had signed the film due to his close friendship with producer Vivek Vaswani. But there have been constant reports about SRK being upset about his role getting extended. In fact, it was even said that the superstar was so dismayed that he was not ready to complete the film.

Not very suitable?

Sexy siren Mallika Sherwat has time and again flaunted her assets. So it is understandable that the one time she wanted to be covered up completely, she faced a huge hurdle. If designer Pria Kataria Puri is to be believed, she was planning a charity event in which Sherawat had promised to participate. But the actress requested Puri out of the blue to create a demure, smart brown suit for her, giving the strangest of reasons — that she wanted to practice wearing this dress for her upcoming film in which she is playing the role of a lawyer.
Puri refused to meet Mallika’s demands saying “The outfit didn’t fit in my line of work”. This seemed to have irked Mallika. Not surprisingly then, the actor made a blink and miss appearance at the charity event promoted by Puri. She came in, spoke for a few minutes and made a dash for the exit, says Puri.

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