Faithful or False?

Faithful or False?

One of the qualities that is in short supply today is faithfulness.

When you look at God you find that God could be called as one who is faithful, who keeps his promise, the given word.

When it is said that God loves a human being, his love and care for this individual is permanent; not just for a few days or months or years.

Sometimes he would even wait patiently for the individual to return to him with love when the concerned individual had abandoned his loving God due to many reasons. It also happens that the Bhakta gets angry with his God because he has not given him what he had expected or asked and abandons the God of his desires. Even then God waits for him.

This is loyalty and fidelity of God to us. It may sound strange to say this but it is true that though we may be unfaithful and disloyal God will never be that at any time. It goes against the very nature of God.

He is Truth and so no falsehood can be found in him. The Psalmist confesses: “All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness” (Psalm 25.10). He is steady in his love, care and concern. It is we who tend to cool down in our love for God and our neighbour also.

Periodically we go into depression. Everything looks dull and uninteresting but God’s sun goes on shining as before; the birds sing his praises; the animals prowl in the forests seeking food from God(confer psalm 104 which is a beautiful description of God’s love, care and Providence).

At the same time God’s fidelity and loyalty is an invitation for us to be loyal to those to whom we are committed. Be loyal and faithful to your husband or wife; be loyal to your employer in all that is just and good; be loyal to your friends and do not stab them in the back!

Cherish the environment; do not destroy the trees and wantonly kill the wild animals and birds; the resources of this world belong to all the future generations also.

This is also a part of the loyalty and fidelity that we owe to others. This, my friend, is a way of being happy and contented in one’s life here and hereafter!

 If on the contrary you cheat your wife or husband, your guilty conscience will always prick you and make you unhappy; fear invades you making you wonder when or how you would be caught and what answer to give then. Why live in such tension?

The book of Proverbs chapter 5 verses 18 & 19 has this beautiful reflection: “Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth, a lovely hind, a graceful doe. Let her affection fill you at all times with delight, be infatuated always with her love”.

Be loyal and faithful to your God, your friends and those to whom you are committed so that you may be forever happy.