Yoga's uncalming presence

Yoga's uncalming presence

Competitors cause mayhem at Kanteerava stadium

Athletes and coaches at the Sree Kanteerava stadium had a frustrating time on Monday, with their training constantly interrupted by yoga practitioners who have been accommodated in rooms at the track and field venue.

Several hundred yoga competitors have turned up at the indoor stadium here for the three-day International Yogasana championship, jointly organised by the SGS International Yoga Foundation College & Research Centre and Department of AYUSH and Youth Services Government of Karnataka, which began on Monday.

“There is nobody to control people moving around the track. This has been happening for a long time now,” said VR Beedu, one of the top coaches in the State, pointing to people moving around the track interrupting the practice sessions of many of the athletes.

“Today, hundreds of yoga competitors have been accommodated in rooms at the stadium and they are causing too much disturbance. They don’t think twice before walking through the long jump pit and also on the track,” the Indo-German Club coach said, echoing the sentiments of other coaches and athletes.

Blaming the authorities for the mess, Beedu said it was high time security personnel at the gates were educated to guide trespassers in such instances. “The authorities will have to educate the security staff. They also have to teach stadium rules to people before allowing them to make use of the facilities,” pointed out Beedu.

Meanwhile, JM Appachu, the deputy director of DYSS Sports Hostel and Sports School, said he had already taken adequate measures to stop people from wandering around in the stadium. The Sree Kanteerava stadium falls under the jurisdiction of the DYSS.

“I came to know about the problems at the stadium late in the evening and I have already instructed security to stop people from moving inside the stadium,” Appachu said.

The yoga competitors themselves had plenty of cause for complaint, what with between 35 and 50 participants forced to share one room. “Tomorrow, some of them will be moved to the rooms at the Koramangala indoor stadium,” Appachu, whose organisation is also involved with the conduct of the yoga meet, added.