Students protest against 'tormentor' HM

Students protest against 'tormentor' HM

Headmistress forced pupils to wash school toilets and her scooter

Students of Santepet Vallabhai Road Government Higher Primary School here protested on Monday against their headmistress Sujatha alleging that she was harassing and assaulting them.

The students and their parents staged an agitation in front of the school in the morning. After heated arguments with teachers, they locked the school and headed to the office of the Education department.

As the deputy director for education was not available, they staged a protest there and moved towards the office of the deputy commissioner.

The agitators said Sujatha forced students to clean the school toilets and wash her scooter.

“She assaults children for trivial reasons and several students have sustained injuries. Both the schoolchildren and thier parents have been tolerating her for quite some time. But recently, she dragged a boy by his hair and slapped him badly,” they said.

Parents came to the school on Monday to inquire what was happening, as many students had complained about the headmistress to their parents. But Sujatha did not turn up.

Municipal councillor T Nirmala Yogesh said Sujatha had collected Rs 350 from each student to take them on a picnic to Fantasy Park. But other schools had charged only Rs 250 for an outing to the same place.

“She is not punctual to school and does not allow students to use toilets. She does not convene meetings of SDMC nor allow parents, or the SDMC members, to inspect midday meals. Even though complaints have been lodged with officials in the Education department, no action has been taken,” Nirmala said.

Deputy Commissioner Mohan Raj met the protesters and promised to initiate action against Sujatha.