Wife commits suicide after husband's death

Wife commits suicide after husband's death

The outlawed ‘sati’ (woman immolating herself on her husband’s funeral pyre), took a new “avatar” in the textile hub of Coimbatore on Monday, as a “neo-Sati” shocked people, even as it gravely underscored the eternal bonds of love.

Not wishing to part from her husband even in death, the 38-year-old Krishnaveni, in a fit of deep anguish and pain, consumed cyanide to kill herself shortly after she heard the death of her 42-year-old husband Senthil Kumar. According to police sources, Kumar died following a cardiac arrest.

Kumar, a goldsmith by profession, was rushed to hospital in the R S Puram area in the city after he complained of chest pain to his wife. After reaching hospital, doctors declared him “brought dead,” as the heart attack was apparently massive, police said.

Hearing the sudden death of her husband who was in charge of a workshop in Coimbatore, Krishnaveni quickly went to the other room, and consumed some cyanide, police informed. A little later, Krishnaveni staggered out and broke down inconsolably over her husband’s body, and breathed her last to join the eternal journey with her beloved.

Shell-shocked relatives, wailing and confused at this unbelievable incident, rushed Krishnaveni to the same hospital, where doctors pronounced her brought dead. It was then known that she had consumed cyanide. According to police, cyanide is usually used by goldsmiths for polishing gold ornaments.