Suspended babu plots to kill boss

Suspended babu plots to kill boss

Police thwart plan in nick of time

Suspending a subordinate for acts of indiscipline almost cost Uttar Pradesh bureaucrat his life.


The punished official gave a `supari’ - a contract to murder  - for his boss, but the police were able to nab one of the hired criminals in the nick of time and thwart the plan.

Additional Basic Education officer Anil Kumar Singh, who had given the contract for killing his boss Brijesh Mishra, was also arrested after the goon revealed the entire conspiracy. The Police said Singh, who was posted at Shankargarh area in Allahabad district, had been suspended by Mishra in November last year for alleged acts of indiscipline.

Singh had met him several times after that and requested him to revoke the suspension but Mishra did not relent, police officials said.

Furious over Mishra’s refusal, Singh hatched a conspiracy to eliminate him and contacted professional killers to execute his plan. The killer gang, under a well-planned strategy, made threatening calls to Mishra and demanded protection money.

Officials said it was simply a strategy to divert the attention of the police from Singh. The gang also had a dismissed police constable as its member, police added.

The police put the phones of the ‘supari’ killers under surveillance and managed to nab gang member Narendra Patel when he was waiting for Singh near a market in Allahabad on Saturday evening. He told police that Singh had promised to give him money for the murder. He had already been paid an advance of Rs 25,000, officials said.

The gang had planned to kill Mishra in a day or two. “Mishra was a regular temple-goer. The goons planned to kill him near the temple early in the morning as roads are empty at that time,’’ police said. A manhunt had been launched to nab the other gang members, police added.