Reliving the golden era

Reliving the golden era


Now you can explore Old Delhi like never before. You can hop on a red sofa seat of a black canopied rickshaw saying: “Meri Dilli Meri Shaan – Bringing History Back to Life” and meander through the narrow lanes of Old Delhi.

Unforgetable : ride A tour through Old Delhi.

The tourists are given headphones to enjoy a live description of the history. The tour takes you to places like Chunamal haveli owned by Rai Lala Chunamal, Zeenat Mahal (Zeenat was wife of emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar II) and other  historically significant places to provide once in a lifetime experience which ends at a heritage haveli in Chawri Bazaar.

Ritu Kalra, director, When in India that organises the tours says, “These days because of the congestion and chaos in Old Delhi, people avoid coming here but this place truly reflects the rich culture and history of Delhi. People prefer spending time in malls rather than visiting historical places. They come to Old Delhi to explore but due to the crowd, they end up visiting malls and not the historically relevant places. This made us come up with eco-friendly rickshaws which can make them relive the whole experience of how Delhi was in the era of Mughals. I believe it is our heritage and we should strive to revive the real Chandni Chowk.”

The visitors are informed that Chandni Chowk got its name because a stream used to flow from Yamuna to a pond situated in between the market (chowk) which reflected the moonlight (chandni). The stream and pond were later covered with concrete by the British.

Another interesting fact about Old Delhi is that the famous Town Hall had a huge clock tower just like Big Ben, which was built in front of the building by the British in 1865 and was destroyed due to an earthquake in 1952.

If you climb a staircase in khari baoli (the biggest spice market of Asia), you will notice that the market is actually built by encroachment on one of the most affluent Gadodia Palace of yesteryears. The ruins of the place speak aloud its magnificent past which was buried in the absence of an heir to the property. The terrace also gives a peaceful and panoramic view of the whole area of Chandni Chowk including Red Fort.