'Indecency in name of tourism cannot be tolerated'

'Indecency in name of tourism cannot be tolerated'

VHP leader asks people to uphold Indian culture

Vishwa Hindu Parishath Former Chief Ashok Singhal strongly condemned the episodes that unfurled at the international music festival “Spring Zouk Island Festival-2012” organised at St Mary’s island in the name of promoting tourism in the State.

Speaking to the media persons on his arrival to attend the “Nagamadalothsava” organized at a Hotel, the veteran VHP leader stressed “Sabyata” is the main essence of the culture of India.

“We need self-control. Indecency and vulgarity in the name of promoting tourism will not be tolerated. Having a rich legacy and history, we the Indians should tell the world the concept of ‘self control to the world,” he said adding that Indians should not support animal culture.

“People in the West are waiting to pollute the sacred spiritual places in India. Indians should not support this,” he said calling upon Indians to teach apt lesson to those responsible for the ‘nanga naach’ that took place in St Mary’s island.

Stating that “Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Act 2011 is a major threat to the Hindus and Hindu society, he said the Bill was formulated by the Advisory Committee of Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi that targets only Hindus responsible for any sort of communal incidents.

“Hindu community is under incursion. The Bill targets only Hindus and suggests that Muslims and Christians do not commit mistakes at all. A Hindu will be convicted if a Muslim registers even a silly and fake complaint like mental harassments. The Bill that is being introduced ignores the acts and atrocities committed by ‘Jehadis’.

There is no Law in the world that convicts and targets people in the name of religion. This is an injustice of its kind set to be aimed at the Hindus,” he said and added that the Bill will be opposed during the Parliamentary session.

He also condemned the proposal of UPA government to introduce legislation permitting export of beef to other countries and stressed that the law against the export of beef should be rectified in the forthcoming 12th Five Year Plan. He said the impending proposal to offer reservations to Muslims besides OBC, SC and ST communities is another atrocity committed against Hindu community. It is absolutely against the constitutional ethics, he added.