For the spirit of the game

For the spirit of the game

Persisting enthusiasm

Two years ago, Lalit Modi became the new poster boy after he successfully implemented pajama cricket in India under the name Indian Premier League (IPL).

His rise was meteoric, and so was his fall. That was just the beginning of controversies in IPL cricket. Shashi Tharoor had to give up his ministerial post following allegations of influencing a team’s bid to win.

And even before the first ball is bowled in IPL Season 5, Sahara India Parivar has pulled out of the tournament for its alleged misunderstanding with the BCCI. 

Metrolife asked celebrities and the ordinary people to react to the never-ending scams and last minute shocks in the IPL circuit and found that scams may rock this popular format of cricket but celebrities and ordinary people are more than looking forward to the new season of IPL. They confess that it’s the love for the game that has them hooked onto it.

Ramya, brand ambassador for Royal Challengers Bangalore says, “People love cricket and it’s disillusioning when scams like this happen but I still feel the sport is above all and it will continue to interest people.” Actress Aindrita Ray, who is the brand ambassador for Celebrity Cricket League, says she never misses a single IPL match that happens in the City.

Aindrita feels that IPL has provided a perfect platform for young cricketers. “IPL has produced so many star cricketers. The glamour quotient has attracted a huge fan-following. Although it is a bit commercialised, I totally support IPL,” she says.  
The excitement among the ordinary people is no less. Jitesh Pamnani, a software professional, confesses that being a die-hard cricket fan, he would definitely watch IPL.

“Watching Sachin Tendulkar bat at any stage, in any format, at whatever time of the day always excites me. But I don’t deny that Indian cricket has suffered more than what it has gained due to IPL. It is money-oriented and not game-centric,” he says and adds, “neither the Lalit Modi scam nor the Sahara pullout will do any harm but at the end of the day it’s the players who will suffer. I feel IPL should become more transparent in its dealings.” 

Nikhil A S, another IT professional, points out that irrespective of all the complications he would still go and watch the IPL. “It’s not just entertainment for cricket lovers but offers a whole new experience to cricketers too. No where else do domestic players get a chance to play alongside their international counterparts,” says Nikhil.

He says, “IPL seems to be a money game, but the person who has got the maximum will feel the real pressure where he has to prove his worth for the amount he has been bought. IPL is a learning experience for every player.”

Remya M, a banker, observes that she never takes the format seriously.

“It’s like watching a movie for me. I do not think the scams and controversies will affect the spirit of the game,” she concludes.