Gulp down a glassful

Gulp down a glassful


Throw away those canned juices. If you really want to stay healthy, welcome fresh juices. The good news  is that the City is full of small and big-sized juice corners where you can gulp down a glassful of flavour and health.

Cheers : A fruit juice shop.

Manoj Kumar, a juice seller at Mahipalpur says, “I have been selling juices of all kinds for the last two years. I make juice out of fruits like apple, orange, pomegranate and carrot. We have customers who come every morning because juice from my shop is part of their healthy breakfast.”
He informs that these specially designed juice stalls cost Rs 7,000 and more and are specially bought from Old Delhi.

A glassful of juice at any stall will cost you Rs 20. But apple and pomegranate juice comes at a price of Rs 80. Juices are available in three different glasses from small and medium to large. Among Delhiites, a medium-sized glass is the most popular.

Bhim Singh, who runs his juice stall at ITO informs, “Most offices are located here, so a lot of my customers are professionals who make a beeline while taking a break during office hours. Mango shakes and mixed fruit juice is everyone’s favourite.” He adds, “Customers find it a healthy option other than being cheap on pocket.”

Other popular fruit juices include those made from apple, pineapple, orange, carrot, banana, mango, and vegetable. “My favourite is banana shake. I go to the gym every day and workout for two hours. After my exhausting exercise regime, I think banana shake is the perfect diet for my body as it has the perfect blend of milk and banana,” shares Suresh Nehra, who frequents these fresh juice stalls.