Chinese kids want some freedom at home

Chinese kids want some freedom at home

 A lot of children in China's Shanghai city wish they have some freedom to lead life their way.

This freedom, according to a survey, may mean being allowed to do what they like during the holidays and checking their mails and cell phone messages without parents' permission or supervision, the Shanghai Daily reported.

According to the survey released this week by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, local children want more freedom and respect at home.

The poll of nearly 2,000 school-age children found that they were most angry at parents depriving them of the freedom to do what they like, researcher Dong Xiaoping said.
About 26 percent of the high school students said they could not tolerate their parents looking at their mails or text messages.

But they were found to have turned more tolerant to parents arranging their summer vacations, and doing homework during the holidays.