Here comes Cinderella man

Here comes Cinderella man


In Haneef Raza’s small establishment there is just enough space to fit two well-worn barber’s chairs and slim shelves with a melange of international and domestic brands—L’Oreal, Wella, Olivia and Shahnaz.

Getting decked : Parlours for men dot every corner of the City.

And Haneef’s salon is certainly an unlikely address for a spot of metrosexuality. But four years after author and journalist Mark Simpson coined the term, the idea of male grooming has gone beyond expensive salons and pretty boys.

At these men’s only parlours that dot every corner of the City, men are treated to a full range of the latest beauty and grooming services in hair and skin care.

These include facials, hair colouring and styling, manicure and pedicure and even waxing.

“Earlier we only offered services like shaving and hair cut but now there is an increasing demand for special facials and massages. There are eight types of facial massages available at our parlour,” explains Niyamuddin.

And the rates are unbelievable – Rs 20 for shampoo and haircut, Rs 15 for shave and Rs 50 for a facial! “We also use the best products available in the market. Our technique of cutting hair or doing facial is no less than any other place,” says Haneef.

Most of that demand comes from men in middle-income India, who are waking up to the idea that looking good is not for sissies.

In fact, this led herbal beauty begums Shahnaz Husain and Vandana Luthra of VLCC to include men’s products in their skincare lines.

Husain actually got on the bandwagon back in 1993, when a swagger and a stubble were the hallmark of a true hunk. (Husain’s Shamen, a sandalwood-enriched aftershave cream, which also doubles as a moisturiser, is still one of her most popular male products).

 “Many men think getting a facial done is girlie, but they need glowing skin so they gradually shed their shyness and sit through the 40-minute session,” laughs Haneef.

“I think these parlours are so cheap and offer great services too. I often visit one to get a haircut, facial and threading done. It’s all paisa wasool (value for money),” says Ratnakar Singh, while getting his facial.