Teacher shocks pupils with wild posts on Facebook

Teacher shocks pupils with wild posts on Facebook

A woman schoolteacher shocked parents and pupils at a village primary school by boasting on the social networking site Facebook about drinking, swearing and having sex while partying.

Elizabeth Scarlett, 50, was also accused before a disciplinary hearing of making improper comments about sex toys on the social networking site, on which she had befriended former pupils as young as 11, the Daily Express reported.

On Tuesday, the divorced woman was given an official reprimand over her Facebook posts which she made while working at a primary school in South Wales.

The General Teaching Council for Wales heard that Scarlett, who taught at the school for 17 years, wrote about "partying hard".

One of her messages mentioned her thoughts of buying a sex toy. And she told an ex-pupil: "You should pop up to see me or even better we can go for a drink or clubbing. Outside school I like to party hard.

"I’m not a teacher on here. I’m just like anyone else.” She said that she drank, swore and had sex, adding “but don’t tell anyone”.

The hearing was told Scarlett had 81 friends on Facebook including 32 former pupils, 12 of whom were aged between 11 and 17.

In a statement later, she said that she “did not realise” her profile could be seen publicly.