Fisheries minister said: I've caught a new 'fish'

Fisheries minister said: I've caught a new 'fish'

A day after “porngate” rocked the House, the Assembly lobby, especially the Opposition wing, was abuzz over porn clippings and morality.

Ports and Fisheries Minister Krishna Palemar, the “chief wrecker” in the salacious episode, had reportedly showed sexually explicit content on his cellphone to a number of members and ministers, but television cameras had caught only Lakshman Savadi and C C Patil watching the porn bit.

Palemar is said to have asked a few legislators/ministers close to him, “I have caught a new fish... Would you like to see?”

Blue film theatre: Siddu
Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, Siddarmaiah, recalled that the BJP had taken objection to the Congress members eating non-vegetarian food in the lobby while staging an indefinite dharna in the House to protest against illegal mining in Bellary in 2010.

“Then the BJP had said we (Congress) had sullied the sanctity of the House by eating non-vegetarian food. The saffron party has now turned the House into a blue film theatre,” Siddaramaiah said.

Behind closed doors?
A joke doing the rounds in the Congress circles: If three ministers watch porn clippings openly inside the House, one wonders what would be happening behind the closed doors of the Cabinet.