Cong demands dissolution of BJP govt in Karnataka

Cong demands dissolution of BJP govt in Karnataka

The Congress party has demanded the dissolution of the BJP government in Karnataka after three of its ministers were caught on camera watching porn on a cell phone inside the Assembly.

“The entire BJP government in Karnataka should be dissolved. Ministers have been caught watching porn in the temple of democracy, this government does not have the right to sit there even for a single day,” Congress general secretary B K Hariprasad told Deccan Herald.

Hariprasad further asserted that this was not an isolated incident and that there had been incidents in the past, which “prove that this is a government of perverted people”.
Taking a dig at the BJP on the issue, another Congress leader Rashid Alvi said after becoming the champions of corruption, this was the only field left for them to take the lead.

“Former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa established new records in corruption. We all know about the Reddy brothers and their deeds in the state. This was the only field left for them to become champions,” Alvi said. “This is the real face of the BJP.”

Alvi also demanded the resignation of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi after he was pulled up by the Gujarat High Court for “inaction and negligence” during the 2002 post–Godhra riots that led to large-scale destruction of religious structures.

“Today Gujarat High Court’s verdict has come in relation to 2002 riots in Gujarat. After observations made by the honourable court, Narendra Modi does not have moral right to continue as chief minister of the state,” Alvi added.